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Teamspeeder helped us decrease sick leave by 50%

Why organizations love Teamspeeder


Teamspeeder is a digitalized leadership platform aiming to support companies and leaders in creating and driving high performing teams. Using real-time measurements Teamspeeder uncovers the actual team dynamic and provides on-site training, guidance and feedback to individuals, teams and leaders

Increase team well-being and performance

Teamspeeder enables teams to take crucial conversations hereby building trust and healthy conflicts

Decrease sick leave and stress

Teamspeeder drives personal health and increase personal awareness

Real-time leadership

Teamspeeder is an on-site leadership training portal that supports leaders in delivering the right leadership at the right time

Healthy and sustainable organizations

Increase team well-being and performance

Decrease sick leave and stress

Real-time leadership

Teamspeeder's theoretical foundation

Teamspeeder connects the dots

Teamspeeder connects the dots between theory on team results, leadership and team dynamics ruling under the surface and tremendously effecting team well-being and organizational performance

Bruce Tuckman

Teamspeeder draws specifically on the theory and model of Bruce Tuckman. The model is accredited by permission from Donald Clark
Copyright: The survey is copyrighted by Donald Clark ( and permitted for use in Teamspeeder. Retrieved from: Updated September 1, 2016. Created January 1, 1998

Inspired by

Teamspeeder is inspired by globally validated group, team and leadership theories and research as well as newest team theories, especially the work of Patrick Lencioni

Team spirit

Teamspeeder - the why

  • Teamspeeder is the result of a strong belief that high performing teams can be a reality in all organisations if they receive the right leadership at the right time
  • The framework facilitates team performance and builds organizational excellence by helping leaders to provide meaningful interventions in difficult situations on a daily basis. To ensure that leaders execute the best possible leadership at the right time Teamspeeder measures the dynamics of teams and adjusts the team feedback and leader guidance and individual feedback accordingly
  • The combination of transparency, feedback and leadership guidance generates a force field that make people grow and develop while executing the task

IT and real-time data united with solid HR experience, psychological practice and leadership- and teambuilding set Teamspeeder ahead of the curve of tomorrow´s performance management

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Franz Søes-Cybulski

Co-founder and CBDO
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Sofie Smidt Hansen

Co-founder and CEO
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Søren Smidt Olsen

Co-founder and CTO

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